Dog Paddock

The Site

The paddock is accessed via the main gate, which you drive through and close before letting your dogs out. There is parking for 2 vehicles.

The paddock is set on a 2 acre site, with 6 foot deer fencing inside the perimeter fence for added security, to allow even the most active dogs the freedom to run. The space has been chosen for its natural radius, which in turn brings its own natural shaded areas.

Seating areas placed under the trees for clients to provide shade and cover from the elements. Enrichment areas for your dogs to include, sandpit, tyres, paddling pool, agility set.

Water bowls and poo bags are provided for clients to keep their dogs hydrated and keep the paddock clean ready for the next visitor.

Ideal for reactive, sensitive, young dogs, a great way to start training, enhance your training, or just enjoy a safe walk.

Opening Times

Summer: 7am – 8pm
Winter: times will vary with the light


Prices (for a maximum of 4 dogs)

25 minutes: £6.00
55 minutes: £10.00

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